Why we like Gaellic Sport…

What a great week we are having in Monaghan, Ireland. Our school has organized activities for us every day in Hurling, Gaellic Football and Soccer. The children and families have been fantastic and I feel fortunate to be able to learn about the Irish culture and customs. My great discovery and that of the children has been about Hurling and Gaellic Football.

These are relatively unknown sports in the rest of the world, but Gaellic sports are fast paced, exciting and fun to play. On Tuesday we played Gaellic Football. It combines elements of Handball, Rugby and Soccer. It is an easy sport to learn and great crack (the Irish slang term for “cachondeo” or fun) to play.

Hurling was today´s sport. Played on the same size pitch, the point system is the same as Gaellic and it requires more skill with the Hurly (the stick used to play). I was shocked to know that this is the fastest team sport in the world.

Needless to say, the children and I had a great time and as always happens in Sport, we have made a lot of great friends…special thanks to all the kids at Beech Hill for organising all the activities.

More to come from Monagham,

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