What are we reading this month?

El pasado viernes, David Bailey presentó el formato de nuestro Fourth Friday Book Club. Este mes, leeremos On Chesil Beach de Ian McEwan, una novela del famoso escritor inglés ganador del Man Booker Prize.
Incluimos aquí algunas de las FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) que David nos presentó durante la reunión. Para aquellos interesados, podéis conseguir el libro por vuestra cuenta o en Anglophone y asistir a la discusión el cuarto Viernes de Marzo (día 28) de 5 a 7 en nuestro centro.
2 hour discussion = 20 euros (tea/coffee and pastries included)

Let´s get Reading!

What is the best strategy for dealing with words I don’t understand in a text?
Translating every unfamiliar word impedes the natural rhythm of reading, as well as your enjoyment of the book itself. Try to understand the meaning from the context or underline the words in pencil and look them up in a dictionary when you have finished reading the passage, page or chapter you are looking at.
(Kindles usually come with a word finder, which you can use while you read)
How long should it take me to read the book?
Everyone reads at a different pace and it’s more important to try to establish a reading routine. Even if it’s only half an hour a day, you’ll be surprised how more focused your reading becomes with repetition. The book club meets once a month and we have taken this into account when choosing the books. However, even if you don’t finish the book, you can still make a contribution when the group meets. What others say about the book might encourage you to finish it!
What if I don’t enjoy the book?
Above all, reading should be an enjoyable experience and we’ve tried to choose books that will hold your attention to the end. However, not everyone has the same tastes and we appreciate your feedback – that’s why it’s so important to participate fully in the group discussions. If you do have a problem getting into a book, think of it as a challenge with a reward at the end. Good or bad, the book may have expanded your vocabulary or introduced you to some new grammar.
Should I take notes about the book?
Taking notes, sticking post-it notes and highlighting important passages in a book are all useful ways of remembering what you want to discuss in the book club meetings. It also helps to keep you focused on what you’re reading and helps some people to get immersed in the subject. So the answer is YES! (but remember, it’s not an exam!)
How much should I talk during the meetings?
We would like the discussions to flow as naturally as possible but understand that some people are more reluctant to talk than others (and vice versa). Each meeting will be structured so that everyone’s voice is heard, and for the less vocal members of the group to speak up.

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