The Art of Balancing Netflix and Not Failing Classes (By Daria Odemciuc)

Daria Odemciuc

Daria Odemciuc

This term, our C2 students are crafting blogs to refine their writing skills while generously sharing their wisdom and tools. Este trimestre, nuestros estudiantes de nivel C2 están creando blogs para pulir sus habilidades de escritura y compartir su sabiduría y herramientas

The Art of Balancing Netflix and Not Failing Classes 


How to balance studying and entertainment? A question every student has asked themselves at some point in their life. It goes without saying that with all the breakthrough technology constantly threatening our concentration, studying intently is more of a struggle than ever. However, I believe that with some self-discipline, both are manageable.

First, you should not mix studying and entertainment. As appealing as multitasking sounds, it has been repeatedly proven to actually slow down your work, not to mention the efficiency at which one performs. For this reason, try to focus on one activity at a time. Steer clear of things that might distract you, notably screens.

Another thing to consider is the amount of time dedicated to each task. Prioritize quality over quantity. It is always better to divide the workload into small chunks rather than studying for ten hours straight. Similarly, instead of binge-watching, choose to only watch a few episodes at a time. I would recommend setting small goals to be accomplished during those periods of time, as well. For instance, challenge yourself to complete a practice exercise after which you can allow yourself to watch an episode of a series.

On a side note, it must be mentioned that entertainment and studying don’t always cancel each other out, especially when it comes to learning English. By consuming English media, not only do we get to see vocabulary and grammar structures being used in context, but we also practice our listening and comprehension skills.

All in all, as students we do not need to deprive ourselves of fun. Although a bit challenging at first, it is completely plausible to pass your classes with flying colors and watch all the new series airing on Netflix.

Daria Odemciuc

C2 student

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