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This term, our C2 students are crafting blogs to refine their writing skills while generously sharing their wisdom and tools. Este trimestre, nuestros estudiantes de nivel C2 están creando blogs para pulir sus habilidades de escritura y compartir su sabiduría y herramientas

My Top 3 Apps For English learning

 Are you interested in learning English without even moving from your sofa? Then you should keep reading. Nowadays, learning new things has become easier with the arrival of new technologies. That is why I am going to give you a recommendation on three apps that can help you for this purpose.


Firstly, there is «Busuu». With this app, you can start from zero or higher, if you already have some knowledge of the language. It also lets you choose how much time you would like to spend studying each day. Moreover, you can focus on different motives such as your pronunciation, English for business, travel, education, etc. You can even record yourself and get your pronunciation corrected.

In second place, a really helpful app is «Memrise», given that it offers a huge range of real-life chat conversations for you to practice. These are made with AI and reproduce realistic situations you might encounter. On top of that, there are videos with a hint of humor that are extremely beneficial for learning native sounding expressions. Furthermore, you can take little lessons with topics you get to pick.


And last but not least, «Netflix». Even though it wasnt made specifically for learning English, it is one of the most useful. If you want to improve your listening then all you have to do is put on a show or film of your interest (in English of course) and, depending on your level, you can watch it with subtitles or without. As it has a wide variety of genres, anyone can give it a try. Not only that but also, all the different accents each character has make it even more efficacious. 


All in all, I firmly recommend anyone waiting to learn English to download these app. They are all free except Netflix. If you are consistent, these can make a huge difference and get you to the point where you can speak with a real native without any problems. 


Ana Nieto

Downtown C2 Student 

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