How To Beat Exam Stress, Practical Skills For Students (By Claudia Martinez)

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This term, our C2 students are crafting blogs to refine their writing skills while generously sharing their wisdom and tools. Este trimestre, nuestros estudiantes de nivel C2 están creando blogs para pulir sus habilidades de escritura y compartir su sabiduría y herramientas

How To Beat Exam Stress, Practical Skills For Students


It is the morning of your big exam. Your heart races faster than a caffeine-fuelled squirrel and your palms are as sweaty as a marathon runner’s socks. The room feels like a pressure cooker, and your brain? It’s doing somersaults in protest.

But fear not! You are not alone. Exam anxiety is that annoying mosquito that buzzes around your head, threatening to ruin your focus. But there’s a secret, you can swat it away. However, nobody teaches us how to manage it so, if you feel this strikes a chord, grab your life jackets because we are about to sail through the stormy seas of test-taking nerves.

Stress itself has an ancient origin, mostly because of fear. It was supposed to help us in terms of survival. One of my Anglophone teachers once told me that getting cold feet about an exam would never help me because, as its goal is keeping us away from hazardous situations, our body focuses on sending blood to our legs, whose function is to help us run away from risks. Consequently, less blood is led to our brain. In our time, danger has turned out to be not only “physically threatening” but also “intangible”, and this causes this primary instinct to become less beneficial.

Taking this into account, I would say that the best thing to do before an exam is to dedicate some time to take deep breaths. In addition, reaffirming yourself that you will do great may also be a magic mind-trick, given that these kinds of statements can set an optimistic mood, which might be reassuring. Suit yourself with a “can-do” attitude!

Although this is helpful, the best thing to do would be finding the root of the problem. Generally speaking, the lack of enough preparedness causes students to feel both insecure and stressed. What I would recommend is to create a revision plan: break down topics into manageable chunks and revise every now and then. Remember that setting targets is the key to feeling productive and motivated. Nevertheless, don’t forget to exercise and spend time with your family and friends, which could be a perfect way to relax.

To summarise,I believe stress brings nothing but problems, hence, we should find different ways to beat it. As Joshia Gilbert Holland said: “calmness is the cradle of power”. Certainly, what we should do is try to give the best of ourselves without the limiting factor that suffering from anxiety is.

Keep in mind: you can do it!


Claudia Victoria Martinez Martinez

C2 student

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