How To Beat Exam Stress, Practical Skills For Students (By Andrea Ruiz)

Andrea Ruiz

Andrea Ruiz

This term, our C2 students are crafting blogs to refine their writing skills while generously sharing their wisdom and tools. Este trimestre, nuestros estudiantes de nivel C2 están creando blogs para pulir sus habilidades de escritura y compartir su sabiduría y herramientas

How To Beat Exam Stress, Practical Skills For Students


The academic experience often comes with the inevitable challenges of coping with exams, and the stress that accompanies them can be very overwhelming for most students. However, developing practical skills to manage and alleviate exam stress is crucial for maintaining mental and physical well-being and for achieving optimal performance. Here are some effective strategies to beat exam stress and promote a more positive learning experience:


– Effective time management: poor time management contributes to stress. Creating a realistic study schedule, that includes breaks in between, is essential.


– Strategic study techniques: everyone has their methods that enhance understanding and that make the learning process more engaging and less stressful, such as summarizing information in your own words, teaching concepts to others, creating mind maps… Find one that suits you and use it each time you sit down to study!


– Balanced lifestyle: adequate sleep, a nutritious diet, and regular exercise are factors that contribute to both physical and mental health. Prioritizing self-care is way more important than we think, especially to beat the challenges that appear during exam periods.


Mindfulness and relaxation techniques: many students opt for techniques such as deep breathing, meditation, or yoga as they are valuable tools to combat anxiety and boost concentration.


– Positive mindset: set realistic goals for each study session, celebrating small victories along the way can boost motivation and confidence.


Seeking support: talking with friends, family, or teachers and sharing the workload can reduce the feeling of loneliness.


Studying with classmates and joining study groups are great. Also seeking guidance from teachers to understand complex topics can reduce stress.


Exam stress is the most common part of student life, but with practical skills and strategies, it can be managed effectively, as well as having a positive mindset.

Remember, exams are not the definitive measures of your worth or intelligence as they only assess a specific set of academic skills.


Andrea Ruiz

C2 student

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