Confessions of a C2 Student: Study Habits Revealed (By Maria Rosa Castillo)

Maria Rosa Castillo

María Rosa Castillo

This term, our C2 students are crafting blogs to refine their writing skills while generously sharing their wisdom and tools. Este trimestre, nuestros estudiantes de nivel C2 están creando blogs para pulir sus habilidades de escritura y compartir su sabiduría y herramientas

Confessions of a C2 student: Study Habits Revealed


Being a C2 level student comes with its own set of challenges and achievements . As someone who has faced the difficulties of language learning to reach this advanced level, I have a few tips about my study habits that paved the way for success. 

Firstly, consistency is the backbone of success. While it may seem obvious , maintaining a regular study routine has been essential in my language proficiency. Even on busy days, dedicating just 10-15 minutes to practice the part of the exam you do worst, is really a game-changer. The fact of setting small goals each day lets you improve your skills noticeably.

Moreover, another factor is the power of immersive experiences. Beyond textbooks and grammar exercises, exposing myself to authentic materials such as books and films in English has significantly enriched my vocabulary and comprehension. It’s like diving into the culture, adapting to the language naturally. On the subject of vocabulary, I must say that since I started writing all new vocabulary in a notebook with their examples or meaning, my variety has increased a lot.

Turning to speaking, practicing with native teachers has been crucial. Engaging in conversations, whether through language exchange programs or online platforms, has enhanced my communication skills. Having real life conversations made me think faster in a language it’s not native to me.

I must admit, embracing mistakes was a hard lesson to learn. Rather than fearing errors, I now view them as stepping stones to improvement. Analyzing my mistakes has been crucial in refining my language skills, allowing me to pinpoint areas that need attention.

In conclusion, reaching a C2 level involves more than just memorization and exercises. It’s
about embracing mistakes and learning from them. The journey to fluency is as much about
an adventure where you must climb steps.

Maria Rosa Castillo

C2 student

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